Peace Out, Europe

(No no, this is not a blog about Brexit – yikes – but the timing made this title quite convenient!) 

Hello from yet another quick visit to America!

You’d be right to think I’m a little nuts for building in two (very out of the way) stops in the US on my trip. Especially because neither visit took me home.

And while the prospect of fountain diet coke with extra ice is amazingly appealing, it’s certainly not enough to justify the time and money it takes to get to the States from Korea or Europe.

But you know what is?

A wedding. 

Guys, I LOVE weddings.

And it’s not just because of dressing up and open bars and endless dance parties (though, oh my goodness, dance parties. There are very VERY few things I love more).

It’s because I think it is so, so important to celebrate people. 

We don’t do it enough – the celebrating. It is so rare that we say, “Hey you, you are amazing and wonderful and I love you. It is worth every penny and hour and logistic for me to be here and tell you – show you – that you matter to me.”

So if you invite me to be a part of one of the most important days of your life, you better believe I am going to everything in my power to be there.

When you say, “We are starting a new life. We are declaring our love for one another, and we want you to witness that,” I’m going to respond.

I’ll  be there. For the dance party, yes, but also for the boring days and hard days and days when nothing is going right.

Because there is nothing on this earth that I love more than my people. The friendships and relationships I have are the ultimate gifts – they are my biggest joy.

My people have made me me.

And what better way to tell someone you are with them to actually show up and be with them?

To show up and say yes, I love you and this life that you are building. You matter. You are my people and I am yours.

You deserve celebrating, so here I am.

Let’s party.

Happy happy wedding celebration weekend to Julia and RJ! So overwhelmingly excited to be with my humans for a huge, amazing dance party. 


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