2017 Christmas Gift Guide (aka how to do all of your shopping from your couch)

If you’re anything like me, the idea of going to a mall in December is enough to induce immediate hives. No thank you. I’m over it.

Lucky for us, we live in the digital age, which means it’s possible to do all of your last minute Christmas shopping from the comfort of your couch. And I’m here to give you some last-minute ideas for the tricky people on your list!

Before we get to the suggestions, a few gift-giving caveats:

  1. I LOVE giving gifts. I am particular and annoying and spend WAY too long thinking of the perfect thing based on the recipient’s random offhanded comment from eight months ago. (I know. I’m fun. And not frustrating at all.) But you and I both know that sometimes you just need to get something cool and SIMPLE and be done with it. That’s where this list comes in. Order, feel good about your purchase, and MOVE ON.
  2. About 6 years ago, I made the switch to giving basically all experiences. Everyone I know has everything they want or need, so I started building adventures for my friends and family. There are a couple of experience ideas on this list, but I would LOVE to talk to you more about experience-giving strategies. I’ve given concerts, musicals, cirque shows, adventure weekends, nights in hotels…even a couple of plane tickets. And it is the MOST FUN. Send me a note if you’re looking for ideas!
  3. This is actually just a list of some of my favorite things. I own every item on this list, and I’m not the kind of blogger who has enough of an audience to have companies pay me to endorse their products (but I could be! Hi, companies! I’m waiting for you!). But as it currently stands, these are things that I use basically daily. Products that make my life better or easier or more beautiful or more fun.
  4. This is not my first gift guide! I did a compilation of AWESOME products this spring, and have chosen to NOT feature those same brands here—not because my love for them has lessened at all (trust me, if anything I am more obsessed with those social enterprises now than I was then…just take all my money, FashionABLE), but because I figured you all could use new ideas AND you could click on through to read the other list, too. Double the suggestions! Hooray!

So with that, my 2017 gift guide! (And be sure to check out my Spring giving guide, too!)

For the workaholic who spends 15 hours a day in front of a computer screen…

Felix Gray Glasses

felix gray

Here’s the summary: I love these glasses. They aren’t prescription, but they are legit. They remove blue light from your computer screen so that all that typing all day long doesn’t destroy your eyeballs. And for someone like me who regularly spends 15 hours a day looking at my devices, I know I need all the eyeball-saving I can get. I’ve personally noticed fewer headaches and less tired eyes…which is all the evidence I need!

For the candle-lover…

Paddywax Rose Gold Wassail Candle


I am VERY particular about holiday candles. So last year, when I was returning to the United States after 11 months of summer, all I wanted was that smelled like Christmas. I searched high and low until I found what I consider to be an ideal holiday candle. I love it so much that I did something crazy—burned through an ENTIRE candle in one season. For real. I killed the candle. So know what I did? Bought the exact same one again this year.

For the aspiring librarian (aka the person who wants a reason to have elbow patches)…

The Shannon Top from Nellie Taft 

nellie taft

I am a brand-new customer of Nellie Taft, and I love them already. In my search to buy ethically, I have stumbled upon a number of excellent American-made brands like this one—and all the better that it’s a cool woman-owned small business! PLUS, they make this adorable sweater with ELBOW PATCHES. You guys. All my librarian dreams are coming true. The sweater is soft and comfortable and cute—win win win. And the rest of their collection is pretty great, too, so check it out!


For the person who is shoe-obsessed…

TOMS Leila Booties

toms boots

I bought these shoes as a gift to myself for surviving the Summit, and have worn them every day since. My sister bought them. And a girl from church who saw me wearing them. And this other random person at my friend’s wedding. Needless to say, they are adorable. But beyond that, they are COMFORTABLE. Like, able to wear them all day at the office and through my hour+ walking commute each day.


For the frequent flyer…

Away Luggage

away luggage

I bought myself an Away carry on this fall after being completely suckered by wildly effective marketing and product promotion. All of a sudden, all of my favorite bloggers and social media personalities were using Away bags, so clearly I had to have one too. But besides having a stellar marketing team, Away has another big plus: really really great products. This bag is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and can even charge your phone!


For the musical theater lover…

Wicked Tour Tickets


Ok, yes, OBVIOUSLY if you can acquire Hamilton or Dear Evan Hansen tickets without declaring bankruptcy, do that. BUT, if you are a normal person with a normal budget, I have an excellent backup plan for you. While Wicked has been around for years and you probably saw it a decade ago, you haven’t seen it in this iteration. Right now, as we speak, my dear friend Ginna Claire is on tour as Glinda—and it’s a role she was born to play. Next up on the tour: Chicago, Memphis, and Nashville. So get your tickets now!


For the explorer…

An Adventure Weekend in Nashville


If you know anything about my gift-giving practices, you know that I almost always give experiences. And one of my FAVORITE thing to give is an Adventure Weekend. I’ve given flights and road trips and all sorts of travel-y goodness, and they are my favorite gifts to deliver. Another favorite of mine? Nashville. So I put together my first (hopefully of many?) City Guide to share my favorite Nashville spots with the world. Lend someone your car for a weekend. Buy a plane ticket. Send them on their way to an adventure—or better yet, go with them!


For the forever-student…

Herschel Retreat Backpack 


I’ve been carrying the same Herschel backpack for years, and it’s a total classic. It’s big enough to fit all my stuff, has a designated section for my computer, and is always cute. And now they make the same bag in this cute chambray fabric, so an already-great piece has become even better. This makes a great gift for a student/worker bee/anyone who needs a good bag for a long commute. Plus, it’s GREAT for flights.


For the wannabe-hiker (or real hiker)…

Patagonia Better Sweater

better sweater

I only carried one jacket on my entire trip, and it was my Patagonia Better Sweater. It is the BEST. Comfy, cute, and classic. And this week, Patagonia demonstrated yet again its values as a company by defending Bears Ears—all the added motivation you need to become brand allegiant and buy yourself a Patagonia sweater to get you through this winter.


For the front-yard-sitter…

Eno Hammock

eno hammock

When the weather is nice, I spend a LOT of time sitting in my front yard. I string up my hammock between two trees, read a book, and chat with my neighbors as they walk by. I am a big believer in front yard sitting, and my Eno makes it so easy. Enos also pack up into a little pouch—perfect for travel or for tossing into your bag when you’re headed out for the weekend.


For the person who is always on-trend…

Warby Parker Sunglasses

warby parker

I bought myself Warby Parker sunglasses for my birthday because I am a wannabe hipster. But here’s the deal—they are actually great. Yes, they’re trendy. But they are trendy for a reason. They are nice and stylish and their customer service is unbeatable. If I had prescription glasses, I would go back to Warby Parker in a heartbeat.

And last but not least, for the readers on your list…

Reading is my favorite hobby. I own way WAY too many books, and I give way WAY too many books as gifts. I’ve got a list a mile long, but these are a few of the reads I’ve really enjoyed this year.

Favorite nonfiction I read this year:


The Road Back to You

It’s What I Do

Hillbilly Elegy

When Breath Becomes Air



Favorite fiction novels I read this year:


Before We Were Yours

The Name of the Wind



The Royal We


Favorite Jesus books I read this year:

jesus books

The Broken Way


Sit Walk Stand

Of Mess and Moxie

The Sacred Enneagram


That’s all I got, friends. Happy shopping, and most importantly, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

What are you best gift ideas this year?



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