High Five (revisited)

Who could use some more happy, great, encouraging, challenging, wise things in their life?

Just me?

In the early days of the blog, I wrote a little something called High Five that I stole from many other bloggers and podcasters that I love and admire. The gist was to share things that are inspiring or encouraging me each week – and I did it once. Whoops.

But I feel like we are in a time where we should all be sharing the good stuff, so I’m going to try to rekindle the tradition. These are things that I’m consuming that I can’t stop thinking or talking about – so maybe you might like thinking and talking about them too!


1. Branden Harvey’s interview with Bob Goff on his podcast, Sounds Good

By this point, I’m sure you all know that Bob Goff is one of my heroes. He’s on my “three people you’d invite to dinner” list, and I’m inspired by both his words (written and spoken) and his life. In this interview, Bob reminds us of a couple things that I love and believe in SO MUCH. First, go make friends. He says, “There is something beautiful that happens when we get past all the issues and get back to becoming friends..and not this screwed-up version of friendship which is called networking, because that ain’t friendship, just friends. Nothing on the other side of the equals sign. Just more love. Just find things to go do with people.” YES. My life philosophy. Second, think of who you want to be in ten years and then live how you need to live right now so that you can be that person in the future. And finally, make more sparks. He says, “A lot of people want to make fires. Just make more sparks. And the sparks will fall where they will. Make sparks and see where they go. Don’t try to control it. Stop asking how is your life working for you, and start asking how is your life working for the people around you?” I could go on and on and on – there is so much wisdom here. So just go listen to it!


2. The Minimalism documentary on Netflix

If you’ve been meaning to learn about fast fashion, how to live with less, consumerism, tiny houses, or a million other related issues, this is a great place to start. After living out of a backpack for a year, I’ve been increasingly convicted about the amount of stuff that I own – and looking for creative, practical ways to both streamline what I currently have and curtail consumption moving forward. And let me tell you, it is HARD. But I found this documentary fascinating, convicting, and helpful.


3. Tribe by Sebastian Junger

I’ve talked about this book non-stop since finishing it a week or two ago. It lays out ideas around individualism and tribalism, and debunks some of our assumptions about the benefits of each. In the end, I was left feeling like we could all use more community and reliance on one another – much like what I’ve seen in tribal cultures around the world. There are benefits to being part of a tribe that we have lost as we’ve advanced toward an individualistic culture. His analysis of veterans returning from war to the USA is particularly interesting.


4. Jeremy Courtney’s interviews on The New Activist podcast

If you want to know how much I love this, know that I rarely, rarely re-listen to podcasts, and I’ve been through this one 2.5 times. First of all, the New Activist podcast is a great introduction to many world-changers and I recommend subscribing. Second, this interview with Jeremy Courtney is so eye-opening and important. Jeremy runs Preemptive Love Coalition – a nonprofit living among and serving the people of Iraq and Syria. Jeremy, his family, and his team live in some of the hardest places in the world today – and are so wise because of it. I can’t recommend his words enough.


5. Will Reagan’s new album, Tell All My Friends

Gospel choir-y choruses. Simple, true lyrics. Beautiful, singable melodies. What’s not to love? This album is my jam. And it feels like an album for our times – constantly reminding us who is ultimately in control. I, for one, need to hear, “When I’m feeling low and my heart is weak , I know you have the strength, you will carry me. When I’m broken down and I’m filled with grief, I know you’re far beyond what my mind conceives” every. single. day. Buy it on iTunes or stream on Spotify. You won’t be sorry.

That’s what I’ve got this week, friends. What about you? What is inspiring you, challenging you, or encouraging you? I’d love to read, listen, watch, or check it out!

(PS – none of these pictures are mine. Thanks, Google image search!)


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