Dear Ben

Last week, I had the opportunity to share about my RTW trip with my former students. The majority of the conversation was a Q&A, and several of the questions were quite profound. I felt that they deserved more comprehensive answers, so I'm taking them to the blog, starting with the hardest one of all.  Dear … Continue reading Dear Ben


Your Mother’s Day (and every day) Shopping Guide

On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza factory collapsed and killed 1,138 people. It drew the world's attention to the ethics of production - and became a catalyst for greater awareness of supply chains, particularly for fashion brands. It also sparked an annual celebration of Fashion Revolution Week (which is this week!), where consumers ask … Continue reading Your Mother’s Day (and every day) Shopping Guide

Dear Marly

My lifelong best friend is getting married this fall, and he invited me to write a letter to his future wife on the occasion of their engagement. This is what I wrote for her.  Dear Marly, First things first: I am over-the-moon overjoyed for you!! I cannot imagine a more perfect person for my best … Continue reading Dear Marly

Show Up

My general life philosophy can be boiled down to this: love God and love people. The end. That's pretty much all I've got (or need) to shape my decisions. So a couple of years ago when I first started dreaming about my trip around the world, these daily mantras of mine were my starting point. … Continue reading Show Up


It's been awhile since I've posted. It's been awhile since I've written for myself. After returning home just in time for Thanksgiving, my life has been consumed with writing for other people - delivering the stories of the incredible people I met this fall. So me-writing (and blog-writing) screeched to a halt to accommodate the … Continue reading Advent