India is Broken and So Am I (Part 4)

After two and a half weeks in India interviewing women in the slums of Delhi, I was overcome with thoughts and feelings. Couple those experiences with a steady intake of podcasts, scripture, sermons, and other media, and my brain went into overdrive. This resulted in a very, very long piece connecting lots of random dots. … Continue reading India is Broken and So Am I (Part 4)


Holy Ground

I have never seen poverty that looks like the slums of Delhi. This poverty is dirty. Oppressed. It’s full of chaos and strict gender roles and nonexistent dreams and smog. It’s surrounded by traffic and feces and garbage. It hurts. I’ve been to a lot of materially poor places. I’ve met plenty of people who … Continue reading Holy Ground


28. Whoa. It feels strange to be in my late 20s and be where I am in life. I think I always expected to feel more like an adult by this point. When I was little, I just assumed you got married when you were 25. My parents did. As did my grandparents. And many … Continue reading 28


Hello from Mozambique, friends! First things first - I've gotten really good at ordering grilled cheese in Portuguese. Just thought you should know that. The language barrier here is no joke and English is intermittent at best. I can often understand because Portuguese (and yes, they speak Portuguese in Mozambique) sounds so much like Spanish, … Continue reading Wrestling