High Five (revisited)

Who could use some more happy, great, encouraging, challenging, wise things in their life? Just me? In the early days of the blog, I wrote a little something called High Five that I stole from many other bloggers and podcasters that I love and admire. The gist was to share things that are inspiring or … Continue reading High Five (revisited)


My 2017 Goals

Hi, hello. Me again. There are a lot of things I could write about at the moment. A LOT. I, like just about everyone in the world at the moment, have an constant swirl of thoughts and opinions circling in my mind that is fed by an endless barrage of other peoples' thoughts and opinions. … Continue reading My 2017 Goals

Show Up

My general life philosophy can be boiled down to this: love God and love people. The end. That's pretty much all I've got (or need) to shape my decisions. So a couple of years ago when I first started dreaming about my trip around the world, these daily mantras of mine were my starting point. … Continue reading Show Up


It's been awhile since I've posted. It's been awhile since I've written for myself. After returning home just in time for Thanksgiving, my life has been consumed with writing for other people - delivering the stories of the incredible people I met this fall. So me-writing (and blog-writing) screeched to a halt to accommodate the … Continue reading Advent