The Next Right Thing

Before I left for my world-traveling adventure, I had a plan. I was going to travel until the first week of August, at which point I would return to Chicago to pursue a cross-functional doctorate in business and sociology, studying the intersection of social challenges (ie: global poverty) and business solutions. In my mind, it … Continue reading The Next Right Thing


This is how it feels to be home: a little bit perfect and a little bit like all I want to do is cry.  I'm what you might call emotionally fragile at the moment. Or maybe, more accurately, emotionally overwhelmed. Because, you see, I lived something. I lived something wild and amazing. Something that took … Continue reading Home.

Playing Alone

Before I left for the trip, my best friends made me a flash drive filled with messages and letters and videos for me to play when I felt lonely or missed home. It's easily one of the best gifts I've ever received. And today, I finally watched the last of the messages (not because I … Continue reading Playing Alone

Memorial Day

As many of you know, Memorial Day is my second favorite holiday of the year. (Christmas wins. Obviously.) What you may not know is why I love it. To me, Memorial Day celebrates not only our amazing veterans and soldiers protecting our country and freedoms, it celebrates HOME. For years, it was the one day … Continue reading Memorial Day


Hello, dear readers! It’s been awhile. My bad. I’ve discovered it’s quite difficult to live a full life worth writing about while simultaneously finding the time to write about it. But I promise I’ve been busy and have lots of stories and updates and thoughts to share! I just finished up an amazing visit to … Continue reading Both/And.